BioChar project 2013-2014

BioChar project 2013-2014 UNA Nepal conducted a round of BioChar Plantation in the district of Parbart and Nawalaparasi. The program was a huge success where the participation of

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UNA Nepal Climate Change Project 2013-2017

UNA Nepal Climate Change Project 2013-2017
UNA Nepal has its deep concern in the field of environment conservation. Sustainable use of forest, utilizing Non Forest Timber Product (NFTP) for

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UN Corner in UNA Nepal

UN Corner in UNA Nepal
UNA Nepal and United Nations Information Center has agreed to

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United Nations Associations have been formed in many of the countries of the world to educate the people of the respective countries about the importance of the mission and purposes of United Nations and garner their support for the realization of the ideals embodied in the Charter of United Nations. It is against this background that United Nations Association of Nepal was born in the year 1953 in Nepal. It is a nonprofit and voluntary non-governmental organization committed to promoting peace, human rights, democracy, environment, social justice, international understanding, dialogue among civilization, inter-cultural dialogue among different civilization, faith and culture.
World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is the head organization with which UNA of Nepal has been affiliated since its birth. Since the day it has affiliation with WFUNA, UNA of Nepal has been actively participating almost in all the programmes organized by WFUNA. Late Dr. Yadav Prasad Pant was the first Nepali to be elected to the post of Vice-President of WFUNA. He served WFUNA by attending number meetings held at different times and different places. Asso.Prof. Dambar Bir Thapa was also elected as Vice-President of WFUNA at the 38th Plenary Assembly of WFUNA held in Argentina in 2006 for a term of four years.
Intellectual giants of Nepal like Shankar Dev Pant, Mr. Yedu Nath Khanal, Dr. Yadav Prasad Pant etc were the pioneering personalities to bring this Association into existence and promote the ideals and purposes of United Nations in Nepal through promoting activities under this Association.Late Shankar Dev Pant was the first President of United Nations Association of Nepal whereas Dr. Yadav Prasad Pant was the founding Secretary General of United Nations Association of Nepal. Late Yedu Nath Khanal who served Nepal as Foreign Secretary and Nepal's Ambassador to US and India also became the President of United Nations Association of Nepal. Under his dynamic leadership UNA of Nepal made some important landmarks in the achieving its goals.
Late Dr. Yadav Prasad Pant who served Nepal in different capacities such as Finance Secretary, Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank, Ambassador and Minister was also the President of UNA of Nepal during whose tenure his of office some important events took place. He made important contributions to the promotion of this Association due to which UNA of Nepal achieved some significant heights in its advancement.
Prof. Dr. Dibya Deo Bhatta who was Ambassador to Myanmar also served UNA of Nepal as its President. Similarly Prof. Dr. Bishwa Keshar Maskey, Professor of Tribhuvan University became its President and organized some vital events during his period.
It is on March 24, 2008 a General Assembly of UNA of Nepal was held in the gracious presence of Hon'ble Sahana Pradhan, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal followed by a talk on "the Role of United Nations in Nepal's Peace Process". The General Assembly elected a new committee under the Chairmanship of Asso.Prof. Dambar Bir Thapa.

The Mission Statement of UNA, Nepal

The mission of UNA Nepal is to educate Nepalese people about the ideals enshrined in the UN Charter, to disseminate among them the purposes and vision of United Nations and mobilize their support to the principles and objectives of United Nations and to foster the forces of peace, development and justice within Nepal through shaping viable strategies for the implementation and promotion of United Nations programs.
Vision of UNA, Nepal
To build a world of peace, prosperity, freedom and justice through fostering the ideals of United Nations and eliminating the forces of war, violence and poverty where humanity irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex and religion can live together in friendship and harmony.


1) To contribute to promoting world peace, international security, social justice, equality and cooperation.
2) To promote and protect human rights, democracy, freedom and human dignity.
3) To emphasize to the people of Nepal the aims and purposes of the United Nations.
4) To raise the public opinion in Nepal in support of United Nations and its special agencies.
5) To educate the general public in Nepal about the activities of the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies.
6) To lay emphasis on the need of international peace, goodwill, understanding and cooperation in the field of education, science, culture and mass communication.
7) To promote culture of peace, culture of democratic norms and values, peace education, universal respect for the otherness of others, conflict resolution, conflict prevention, cultural diversity, ethnicity, intercultural dialogue.
To safeguarding cultural, natural heritage and environment.
9) To try to realize the ideals and goal enshrined in UN Charter.
10) To serve as an intellectual forum committed to promoting interaction, dialogue among cultures and discuss issues of global concern.
11) To combat drug addiction and HIV/AIDS.
12) To remove the obstacles to peace and justice.
13) To foster economic development and social wellbeing.
14) To promote child rights, youth and women empowerment.
15) To eliminate the forces of war, violence, terrorism, inequality and discrimination.
16) To project on different subjects as wanted by the concerned parties.